Combining tools to detach Delta single-hole kitchen faucets

Some Delta single-hole faucets use a large nut that screws onto a long stem to tighten a clamp that grips the countertop. It can be a challenge both to firmly tighten that nut as well as to loosen it, since the fins are small on the wrench that Delta includes with those faucets.

However, I discovered that those small fins happen to fit neatly into one of the sets of slots on the Ridgid EZ Change Faucet Tool (Cat. No. 57003) as you can see here:

Small fins on Delta faucet wrench fitting neatly into slots in Ridgid tool

The large gripping surface on the Ridgid tool made it much easier for me to adjust the nut.

The cardboard insert for the Ridgid tool only shows those slots being used for adjusting certain types of nuts directly, not combined with another wrench, so I thought that sharing this tip might be helpful to others with this type of faucet.

Michael LeMay
Michael LeMay
Senior Staff Research Scientist

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